Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans

Become a powerful Jarl and command your legions of berserkers for honor and glory in Vikings: War of Clans. Set in the tumultuous period when Viking kingdoms fought for dominance in the North, Vikings: War of Clans is primarily a player-versus-player empire-building online game. Band together with fellow warriors and join an ever-dynamic world of epic battles and large-scale warfare.

Vikings: War of Clans comes from Plarium, the seasoned strategy game devs behind Sparta: War of Empires and Stormfall: Age of War, so it's as polished as strategy games get. The usual empire-builder strategy features are present in this game. Jarls get to build structures, train troops, invest in research, and engage in specializations - all for the glory of their kingdom. There's also a hero system in tandem with equipment crafting mechanics. As always, player-run alliances are the cornerstone feature in games like this, and any newbie Jarl would do well to join an established alliance if they want to progress meaningfully in the game.

Like in most F2P empire-builder games out there, players must be ready to sink in some cash if they want to be competitive in Vikings: War of Clans. The way these online games are designed, non-paying players will always be at a significant disadvantage compared to their paying counterparts. Of course, players can opt to be casual in the game and play without spending a single cent. Just be warned that it won't be a pleasant experience, especially when battling against the hardcore, paying variety of Jarl.

Free to play indefinitely.

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Tags: Action, Strategy, Social, Fantasy, Browser, 2D, PvE, PvP, Crafting, Facebook, iPhone, Android, War

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