Summoner's Legion

Summoner's Legion

Summoner’s Legion is a trading card MMO from R2Games. It’s set on a fantasy world that houses a number of creatures from different times and game universes.

Players choose from four classes that differ in their special ability—depending on their class, players can always heal, deal damage or buff others. The combat takes place in one to three lanes and combines disparate card types and ability cards, making up a deck of 30. The single player campaign is fairly easy, but co-op and PvP is where the real fun is at. Try to find rare cards in dungeons and try to guess your enemy’s next move in PvP. Although games are blazing fast (about five minutes against easy opponents), they’re also quite tactical and require a lot of educated guesswork plus a bit of luck. Building a good all-round deck can be nothing short of a Herculean labor, but the mechanics are fairly easy to grasp. There’s a crafting system that boosts the abilities of your cards, plus you can also craft new ones.

Summoner’s Legion is a treat in all aspects—visually, gameplay-wise and in terms of longevity too. Do note that the stamina system keeps you from playing as much as you could, and on the off chance you get addicted the game can swallow up a lot of money.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Board Game, Strategy, Fantasy, Browser, 2D, PvE, PvP, Crafting

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