Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires (SWE) is a browser-based MMO strategy set in 5th century BC, Greece. It features a classic gameplay enhanced by a great production—visuals, voicing, and music are top-notch here.

Sparta: War of Empires starts with players establishing a polis of their own and setting off to populate their town, recruiting soldiers and neutralizing the imminent Persian threat. Even though not aiming to represent history accurately, the setting is quite well realized—really, who cares if in SWE there are Persian settlements in mainland Greece, even though there weren’t any historically. Other than that, the research system is replaced by treaties with other cities; alliances are encouraged as there is in-faction war taking place against other players; trade can be profitable in the game as well. Combat is, as in most games of this type, entirely textual.

Overall, there’s definitely nothing unique here, except perhaps for the setting. This doesn’t take away from the fact that it is definitely a well-polished title, but it would be great to see something new for a change.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Strategy, Browser Based, 2D, PvE, PvP, Facebook

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