Quake Live

Quake Live

Browser-based first person shooter ported from Quake III Arena. When you first start playing, there is a match making system that will measure your skill as you play a series of introductory matches to help place you in your league. Successful game mod developers were contracted to assist in the game design, giving the game some quirky cheesiness to master on the road to fragging to your heart's content. See the tutorial videos on their site for tricks like circle jumps to get a feel for what Iím talking about. The game is ad-supported, playing videos between matches and such, but it doesn't interrupt gameplay. There are eight game modes to participate in. A few modes are subscription-based but not to worry. Thereís plenty of action and little reason to subscribe for more.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Sci-Fi, Shooter Game, 3D Game, PvP, Mac Game, FPS Game

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