Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a turn based MMORPG, played in the browser. Players join S.H.I.E.L.D. and recruit heroes such as Wolverine, Iron Man, Black Widow and others to thwart the plans of the ever-present villains and trace a dangerous new drug that threatens to shift the power into the hands of the bad guys. Combat is turn based and quite complex in terms of strategy, featuring five classes that offer much more than the rock-paper-scissors classes so common in other Facebook games. Avengers Alliance features a nice innovation where players can immerse themselves in the storyline or skip straight to the action after skimming over the basics. Over 40 heroes are available for recruitment. Avengers Alliance is much better than most Facebook games, but still there’s the usual caveat: to gain advantages, you've either got to pay or keep bugging your friends to join.

Free to play indefinitely.

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Tags: Fantasy, Browser, Turn Based, 2D, PvE, PvP, Facebook

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