King's Road

King's Road

King’s Road is a browser-based dungeon crawler MMO by Rumble Games. It brings the experience of titles like Diablo and Torchlight to the browser in a beautiful 3D environment.

King’s Road is amazing right off the bat. Players enter into a world of chaos and distress and left-click their way around by unlocking new skills, merchants, achievements and crafting features. And of course, getting heaps upon heaps of loot is also an integral part of it. The game world is instanced not real-time, having the player travel to hubs and dungeons from the main city. King’s Road sports the three staple classes – wizard, archer, knight – and an intricate skill tree for each. Classes can be switched in-game. Players craft items by giving them to a blacksmith; this does provide an incentive not to sell everything, but it’s also very slow. Upon death players simply wait for revival, but some dungeons will kick out a player after their third death. Social features are abundant (co-op is available even with strangers) and maps have replay value—in fact, replaying is highly encouraged—as completion of a level awards premium currency.

Overall, if you had the slightest bit of fun playing Diablo, Torchlight, Nox, or any other such game for that matter—do play King’s Road. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Role Playing Game, Fantasy Game, Browser Based Game, 3D Game, PvE, Crafting, Facebook Game

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