Andromeda 5

Andromeda 5

Andromeda 5 is a spaceship action MMO that can be played in the browser. It features a vast array of customizable ships as well as numerous galaxies to explore; players acquire skills that further make their characters unique. More than 200 missions are available, not to mention the quite intensive PvP where players can participate in free-for-all deathmatches and team games as well. Andromeda 5 sports nice graphics and altogether there’s a surprising amount of content that will keep you busy for a while. The game does, however, fall flat when you consider that Andromeda falls well within the Eve Online-dominated spectrum of MMOs and when you take into account that the cash shop seems to give paying players a very real edge.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action Game, Sci-Fi, Browser Game, 3D Game, PvE, PvP

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