The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is a strategy MMO set in the Settlers universe. You start with a city inhabited by a few people with barbarians roaming around the borders. As the game unfolds, you realize that thereís a lot to do and a lot to build in order to get out of your own village and into the world. There are more than 70 unique buildings and numerous combat units. Strategy favors mixed armies, and planning the makeup of yours is mandatory. To further complicate matters, thereís an abundance of resource types as well. The developers have slowly but surely added updates, with PvP being on the way. The game backfires on non-paying senior players as construction times get really long in the end game. Social perks, such as buffs lasting 50% longer when cast by another player, motivate players to make friends, and thatís what this game seems to be about.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Strategy, Fantasy, Browser Based, Turn Based, 2D, PvE

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