Star 86

Star 86

Star 86 is a children’s MMO played in the browser. The game starts with the player creating her or his own cute avatar called a Dubble, which can be customized at any time. Creativity, especially musical creativity is emphasized in this game where players explore the galaxy of Star 86 in a starship, collecting souvenirs and usable music instruments all while making their own home in the game world. There are numerous planets in the galaxy to explore, each hosting its very own mini-game. These harmless games include hide-and-seek, cowboy games, racing, etc. The community is closely moderated and the chat has a swearing filter. On top of that a number of parent lock features are available, such as setting a bedtime, a daily playing limit, and so on.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Social, Kids, Fantasy, Browser Based, 3D

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