One Piece

One Piece

One Piece is a browser-based 2.5D MMORPG, based on the popular anime series.

Players start with one of the three classes—Sniper, Swordsman and ‘Devil Fruit User’—which cannot be customized. The story unfolds in English so broken it’s funny and tentatively weaves together episodes from the show. The combat takes place in instances and has tower defense elements—players safeguard a flag or try to destroy that of their enemy in PvP. Fights are player-controlled, though if they don’t fight the AI will do so instead. Those who watch One Piece will be delighted by the presentation—visuals and sound are top-notch here—but positively appalled by the lack of a coherent story. Some glitches are present, too, like non-responsive NPCs and UI problems. The game is also pretty greedy from the get go, showering players with countless offers of questionable value.

Even though stunning graphically, with fun music and fights that are above the usual caliber of such games, One Piece keeps begging for money all the time, but doesn’t have much, in terms of story and immersion, to offer for it.

Free to play indefinitely.

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Tags: MMORPG, Anime, Browser Based, 2D, PvE, PvP

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