Legacy of Discord

Legacy of Discord

From the publishers of the League of Angels series and Magerealm comes Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings, a 3D isometric dungeon crawler similar in style to Blizzard's Diablo 3.

Players begin their quest for shiny, legendary loot and eternal PvP dominance by selecting one of three available gender-locked classes: the giant-sword-wielding Berserker, the speedy Bladedancer or the spell-chucking Sorceress. Combat is graphically flashy and fairly fast-paced, with a focus on class abilities and combo chaining. Equipment farming and refining are crucial aspects in Legacy of Discord and will determine how far you can go in both PvE and PvP endeavors.

There's the usual PvE fare in the form of storyline quests and boss battle challenges, but these ultimately take a backseat to the game's PvP options, which are basically the game's selling point. PvP can be done in a 1v1 arena, a 5v5 team battle, or a massive scale guild wars setting. Competitive gamers wanting to stick around and participate in higher rungs of PvP must be ready with a substantial cash investment if they want to dominate their foes in the game. Otherwise, the experience going forward will be a long, frustrating uphill battle. Non-paying players beware unless they have a thing for endless grinding and battling against the odds.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action, Social, Fantasy, Pets, 2D, PvE, PvP, Crafting, iPhone, Android, War

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