Inferno Legend

Inferno Legend

Inferno Legend (IL) is a 3D fantasy RPG/MMO, played in the browser. Upon assuming a role based on one of the five demon classes, players pledge their loyalty to the dark lord and strive to drive ‘the just’ from the instanced game world.

IL features a nice story that pertains to the biblical ‘creation wars’ between the good and the never-well-to-do angels. Right off the bat interesting combat features are introduced, like the Faith variable that gives players an edge depending on how the dark lord is disposed towards them. The excitement wanes, however, upon realizing that the combat can be controlled in a very limited manner. Furthermore, even if alliances can be formed and PvP is available, player interaction is scarce—this might have to do with IL being a mobile title as well. Even though the storyline is short-lived, additional challenges are available to players wanting to spend more time in-game.

Overall, IL could definitely become a more lovable title. It does have the trappings of one at least, boasting vivid graphics, a unique storyline and some quirky innovations. As of now, however, it falls short of players’ expectations with the UI problems, bland combat and complete lack of player interaction.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Fantasy, Browser Based, Turn Based, 3D, PvE, PvP

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