Dragon's Call

Dragon's Call

Turn-based browser RPG with the ability to join instances in teams of up to three people. There are three character classes to choose from: Mage (to wield ranged magical attacks), Warrior (to take the heavy damage while other members of the party attack), and Assasin (which possesses unique abilities to stun or poison enemy combatants). You are given 150 action points per day to complete quests, engage in PVP combat (at the Arena or in the wild), and grind away fighting mosters for xp and dropped loot. You don't have to be at the helm either. Set your character to perform which actions you want them to grind though and come back later to reap the rewards. Extra action points can be purchased with in-game currency. The game world is basically an overview map of the current town and surrounding areas. Combat is either animated or a text-based, blow-by-blow description depending on your preferences.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Role Playing Game, Fantasy Game, Browser Based Game, Turn Based, 2D Game, PvP

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