Dark Age Wars

Dark Age Wars

Dark Age Wars is an ‘empire building’ MMO released in 2008. It is set in the Middle Ages, and the player, a squire (historically it would mean the player is 14 to 21 years old) takes over an empty but resource-abundant city and tries expanding it and turning it into an empire. The graphics and the overall interface are quite good and play nicely off of the game’s setting. The game features some nice twists, such as players being able to take over the papacy, but the overall gameplay adheres to the genre’s canon. Dark Age Wars is played in a ‘burst manner’, with players having to wait for long periods of time while upgrading, constructing buildings or conducting research. Overall, Dark Age Wars provides a solid strategy experience and should be preferred by players who like logging in and playing a little each day.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Strategy, Fantasy, Browser Based, 2D, PvP

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