Cultures Online

Cultures Online

Cultures Online is a strategy game with RPG elements, set in the age of Vikings. The game is played in a web browser. You can play as a Viking or an Asian; both races have unique buildings and characters. CO has nice, sketchy graphics, an interesting user interface, and an above-average soundtrack. There are six types of resources; the ‘ideas’ resource is cool, as it stacks up, allowing you to research stuff when you’ve logged in after some time. PvP is optional, and the game doesn’t deliver much in the PvP aspect. There are plenty of quests available for leveling your character and acquiring gold and resources. Cultures Online might be an interesting game for an evening or two, but, as PvP is optional, it lacks the competitive aspect that makes browser-based games so interesting.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: RPG, Strategy, Fantasy, Browser, 2D, PvE, PvP

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