Cosmic Break

Cosmic Break

Japanese third person shooter using giant robots (mechs). There are four main types of mechs to choose from which can then be customized with practically limitless feature combinations using 300 assorted upgrade parts. Battle for points to upgrade your mech in missions of conquest, quests for treasure or PVP arena battles with teams of up to thirty players. Even scrap your existing mech and rebuild it. The battles (which make up the core of Cosmic Break) are intense and fun to participate in. Single player is available, too, but coop (also available) is more fun than playing alone. Simplistic anime graphics. If you pardon the graphics, Cosmic Break is a fun game with its own flavor and a gameplay that without a doubt beats most of the similar games out there.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action, Anime, Sci-Fi Game, Flight, Shooter, 3D, PvE, PvP

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