Combat Arms

Combat Arms

Combat Arms is an FPS game, not unlike Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, but with emphasized community features. CAs gameplay is smooth and competitive, but the game has a ranking system, allowing newer players to compete, too. There are numerous game modes: Deathmatch; Capture the Flag; Team Deathmatch; Zombie mode; etc. Some of the modes, like Hired Guns and Spy Hunt, are actually quite original. An achievement system allows users to show off their achievements and adds to the well-developed friend/clan system. As in most F2P games, annoying players and cheaters are a problem; however, both gradually pass by as you reach higher ranks. Those looking for a competitive FPS will find Combat Arms highly entertaining.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action Game, Shooter Game, 3D Game, PvP, FPS Game

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