Big Farm

Big Farm

Big Farm is a casual farming simulator played in the browser. Players start managing a farm and plant fields, sell harvest as well as manage expenses, all to grow their farm.

The gameplay mainly consists of harvesting, planting, reaping and selling produce. From time to time players can construct new buildings such as houses for workers, new fields and mills for making flour. Gold, the premium currency, can be acquired without paying but itís an arduous task without doing so. New players are guided by quests which award money and experience. The graphics are nice and the quest givers can be quite funny.

Big Farm is a casual title with all that entails. Itís well-written and can be fun if Farmville doesnít quite hit the mark for you. At higher levels of play, however, Big Farm becomes increasingly greedy as it just requires so much gold to do anything at all.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Strategy Game, Browser Based Game, 2D Game

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