Battle Dawn Galaxies

Battle Dawn Galaxies

Battle Dawn Galaxies is a turn based strategy MMO, played in the browser. The sci-fi setting, the ‘empire management’ and other things seem quite similar to those of other games, but Battle Dawn Galaxies should be noted for a number of interesting features – namely, that players have to have mixed armies for any military success; the game is alliance-based, and these alliances have a member cap of 14; players can be conquered by other players, but that doesn't mean you cannot revolt against the conquering armies. The user interface is nice and some ambient songs accompany the game pretty well. Overall, Battle Dawn Galaxies is definitely one of the most interesting new strategy titles, but the game’s strong points can be overshadowed by the limited available information and the rather low player count.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Strategy, Browser, Turn Based, 2D

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