World of Warships

World of Warships

Relive the legendary naval battles of World War II in Wargaming's action-packed World of Warships. Command the era's most destructive implement of warfare – the naval warship – and lead your team to domination. As with Wargaming's earlier historical combat MMO World of Tanks, World of Warships features tier-ranked vehicle and technology systems. The game has four ship classes to choose from. Destroyers are the smallest ships and function as stealthy scouts and torpedo-launching ambushers. Cruisers are versatile ships, capable of providing reliable shelling and anti-air defense. Battleships are slow, heavily armored juggernauts that can deal massive damage at the cost of low accuracy and lengthy reloads. Aircraft Carriers are unique in that they send out airplanes that can scout quickly, engage enemy fighters, and harass ships with bombs and torpedoes. Customization is available for all ships in the form of different equipment modules. Ship captains can also be trained in a variety of skills to increase the performance of their commandeering. World of Warships's gameplay is very similar to Wargaming's other MMO offerings. Teams start at opposite ends of a sortie map and scout their way to enemy contact. Afterwards, bombardment commences. Coordinated teamwork is essential in achieving victory, as going "Rambo into the fray" will most likely result in getting sunk quickly. Overall, World of Warships is a solid, graphically-pleasing, historical naval combat MMO with the same, tried-and-tested depth and polish as you would expect of the Wargaming devs. Give it a shot if you're hankering for some good, old-fashioned naval warfare.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action Game, Strategy Game, 3D Game, PvE, PvP, War Game

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