Shadowland Online

Shadowland Online

Shadowland Online is a strategy MMO with RPG elements. Humankind has been all but annihilated by the undead that have entered through a break in space, and it is up to -- of course -- the player to save humanity. The story is nice actually, and combines real history with fiction: for example, you can win over the Spartan hero Leonidas as a quest reward. Choose from three races and three main unit types; build up your city; form alliances, and, finally, muster up enough strength to get rid of the undead once and for all. Lots of social features and some in-game events also help. Although the game is somewhat complicated once you’re out of the tutorial, it is very rewarding in the later levels, and is surprisingly fun.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Role Playing Game, Strategy Game, Fantasy Game, Turn Based, 2D Game

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