Nosgoth is a 3rd person team-based PvP game set in the dark, eponymous world known from the famous games of the Legacy of Kain series, though the lore of the two is connected quite tentatively.

Nosgoth revolves around vampires battling humans and vice versa. There are two game modes—deathmatch and point capture—and both are intense and exciting in terms of gameplay. Five classes for each race promise quite a lot of variety, and there are new weapons in the shop too. Vampires are melee fighters, whilst humans fight with ranged weapons. One vampire class can fly and all of them can climb the walls. Human gameplay is much more strategic and co-op oriented. Visuals are nothing short of stunning, and Nosgoth is optimized to run well on any decent machine.

Nosgoth is both easy to get into and intricate enough to have players log hundreds of hours still finding something new in each session. Even though balancing and matchmaking issues exist—and of course vampires are more fun to play—Nosgoth serves a thrilling adventure that’s definitely worth sinking your claws into.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action Game, Fantasy Game, Shooter Game, 3D Game, PvP

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