Free Jack

Free Jack

Free Jack is a parkour racing MMO. Players compete with each other to the finish line, overcoming different obstacles on the way. Sort of like an online version of Mirror’s Edge with lots of Mario Kart. During runs, players employ peculiar power-ups like kisses and garbage cans to set their enemies back. The game sports four classes – two male and two female – with unique abilities and characteristics. Free Jack has both solo and team matchups and they’re all very exciting. Matchmaking, which is very important for arcade games like these, is well-balanced -- you’ll seldom find games where you finish light years behind the pack. Vibrant and colorful environments plus characters with an anime feel make the game look and feel great. Free Jack is, at its best, an engrossing and addictive experience – but play it for too long and the lack of variety can wear on. The fun will last longer if you enjoy it with moderation.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action, Anime, Racing, PvP

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