Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is an MMORPG by Eyedentity games, published by Nexon in NA and Gamigo in Europe. Start your adventure in the fantasy world and follow the immersive story by leveling up and interacting with the hilarious NPCs.

Dragon Nest sports six classes with skills that supplement one another in dungeons and parties. The best thing about Dragon Nest is its combat system, featuring intense, skill-based battles that happen in real time. The rest is impeccably polished as well with abundant cinematics, great voice acting and lots of content. The graphics aren't that good but fit the overall tone of the game. In larger battles it can become hard to follow the events on the screen. Both PvP and PvE are well-developed with raids happening often and offering a good way of getting rare items.

Dragon Nest, even though released three years ago, is still one of the best MMORPGs in terms of gameplay and especially combat. There are, however, valid complaints that the endgame tends to be overly competitive.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action, RPG, Anime, Fantasy, Pets, 3D, PvE, PvP, Crafting

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