Dofus is a 2D MMORPG by the French company Ankama Games. Itís set on a colorful, anime-inspired world thatís constantly being updated and expanded upon.

Dofus can seem quite complex at first glance, and thatís because it is: there are 15 classes, 22 professions, mounts, dragons, an elaborate crafting system and much more. The turn-based, somewhat restrictive combat also can seem daunting at first, but it quickly turns out to be fun and full of mind-boggling intricacies. The game has a remarkable longevityóthe playerís level caps at 200 and then you can share experience with your guild members. The community is vibrant and active, sporting more than 2 million active players, plus there are many incentives to be social, like dungeons, guilds and player shops. As for allowing your kids play Dofus, there are a few cusses here and there, but generally the developers have made it safe for children.

Dofus charms from the get go and doesnít let goóitís fun, quirky and nothing short of being a treat for the senses. The free-to-play phase is quite restrictive, though, but you may find that itís worth subscribing.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Role Playing Game, Fantasy Game, 2D Game, PvE, PvP, Crafting

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