Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos Heroes Online (CHO) is a MOBA, based on the Chaos mod for the original DotA. It is published by Aeria Games and features, for some players, welcome deviations from the passive gameplay other MOBAs often encourage.

CHO features two maps that differ in scale. Items can be bought from everywhere (making consumables much more valuable), and jungling is discouraged as it only provides gold, not experience. Matches are capped at 45 minutes, and teleports happen instantly. The differences donít end hereóthere are no observation wards in CHO as well. A rather formidable array of available heroes provides great variety to this game, but CHO cannot be deemed ĎDotA on the proverbial steroidsí, as it simply seems to be of a lesser quality.

The following are to blame: the graphics lack in detail, the voicing falls short of the other F2P standards, and paying players can enter the match pumped up on cash-shop bonuses. CHO seems more like a mélange of the most popular MOBAs, not the competitive, fast-paced rampage it markets itself to be. Itís still fun and plays well, but, beyond the slight rule and gameplay changes, CHO doesnít offer anything that unique.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: Action Game, Fantasy Game, 3D Game, PvP

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