3D fantasy role playing game with a heavy focus on player versus player combat (on the way to becoming the supreme Archlord). While graphics, character detail, mounts, and combat animations are fantastic, the game world offers little in the way of player versus environment opportunity. Choose from three races: Human, Orc, and MoonElf with a few classes per race to choose from. Multi-classing is allowed. The most powerful (and perhaps the most popular) Race/Class combination is the MoonElf Elementalist, wielding more robust spells than the other race's magic-using counterparts. At release, the game was given some bad reviews but has since evolved their content, graphics, and gameplay through a series of revisions (and of course changed to the free to play model). If you have a hang-up on using click-to-move versus using the WASD keys, no worries: they offer both.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.

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Tags: MMORPG, Fantasy, 3D, PvP

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